AGM agenda

20 Oct 2022

Hastings and Rye Liberal Democrats


7.30pm on Friday 11th November 2021 to be held at The White Rock Hotel, Hastings, TN34 1JU. (small conference room)


Both Members and Supporters are very welcome to attend the AGM but only Members will be able to participate in formal discussions or to vote.

Introduction and welcome by Bob Lloyd (Chair)

  1. Apologies for Absence
  1. Minutes of Previous Annual General Meeting held on 19th November 2021.
  1. Reports from:
  2. Chair Link Bob Lloyd
  3. Treasurer (Eve Montgomery/Robert Wakeford)
  4. Membership Secretary & Social (Emlyn Jones)
  5. Campaigns Report (Martin Griffiths)
  6. Liberal Democrat Group of Rother Council Rother Report


  1. To elect Officers, Ordinary Members of the Executive Committee and Conference Representatives for the year 1st January 2023 to 31 December 2024.
  1. To note the Accounts for 2021.
  1. Appointment of Independent Examiner for the 2023 Local Party Accounts
  2. Election of Officers

You are invited to submit nominations for the following posts. Nominations will only close after the reception of the reports from the Chair, Treasurer and Conference Representatives. Nominations may be sent in before the meeting but, if so, must be in writing and signed by the proposed, seconder and candidate.

Executive Officers and their Duties (extracted from the Constitution):

  • The Chair - to chair all General and Executive Committee Meetings. In the event of a tied vote the Chair shall have an additional casting vote; to be jointly responsible with the Treasurer for the Local Party's compliance with The Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act 2000.
  • The Vice-Chair - to chair General and Executive Committee Meetings if the Chair is unable to do so.
  • The Secretary - to handle the Local Party's correspondence; to maintain minutes of meetings.
  • The Treasurer - to handle the local party's financial business and present financial reports to General Meetings; to be jointly responsible with the Chair for the Local Party's compliance with The Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act 2000.
  • The Data Officer - to:
    • Receive all notices of applications for membership and refer them to the Executive Committee for acceptance.
    • Maintain a membership register and provide Local Party Officers with lists of members as necessary under the Constitution.
    • Hold and maintain campaigning data of the Local Party; and
    • Ensure compliance with data protection legislation.
  • The Membership Development Officer - to organise and run membership recruitment and renewal campaigns; ensure that the Local Party has a wide range of social and political activities to facilitate member retention.

Details of responsibilities can be found on the National Party Website.

Party's Parliamentary Candidate: an ex-officio Member of the Executive Committee.

Local Party's Agent: an ex-officio Member of the Executive Committee.

South East Region will offer training sessions for new (and old, if wished) Executive Officers in January.

Presentation of the Dennis Flack Cup for outstanding contribution to the local party

  1. Any Other Business (germane to the meeting) - Close

Please stay on to discuss any issues with the executive